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Taking advantage of multicultural, multinational, and multilingual experiences, Kereon provides to local and globally acting customers following services:

  • Auditing

    Based on more than 25 years of project and operational experience within the regulated healthcare sector, Kereon performs e-compliance and QMS related audits for specific projects as well as at company level.

    • Supporting regulated companies by performing supplier respectively service provider audits
    • Supporting audited organizations by performing internal review (self audit).
    Current regulatory requirements, applicable standard, recommendation, and guidance are taken into account.

  • Consulting

    From specific and strongly focused consultancy - e.g. project or product specific design and compliance review - until long term support, for example by defining and deploying overall compliance strategy for regulated organizations, Kereon can support its customers in the most appropriate way.

  • Training

    Regulatory compliance as well as efficient engineering require well trained associates and supporters. Kereon provides "ready-to-perform" as well as customized trainings (at customer's site) based on current regulatory requirements, guidance, and recommendation such as promoted by the GAMP® Community of Practice (COP).
    Kereon's trainers are well recognized practitioners speaking for numerous training organizations.


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