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Based in Basle, Switzerland, Kereon AG is a consulting company focused on the different aspects of Quality Management by using Information Technology as well as automatism (industrial IT) and by performing software engineering.

This covers Quality Management topics like Software and System Life Cycle (incl. Object-Oriented modeling, "Agile" approaches), Good IT Practices (GITP) by designing, implementing and managing of IT-infrastructure, and regulatory compliance (for healthcare industry) by using automated systems.


The services delivered by Kereon AG could consist in: workshop, training, audit, project coaching and short term or long term consulting tasks.

Additionally to services which are executed on customer's site or external (e.g., for workshop or training), the efficiency of current information systems allows to perform remote a large part of the activities thanks email and phone. This working philosophy improves the cost efficiency by limiting additional cost (travel and accommodation expense).


Kereon's Customers are organizations with needs or requirements regarding Quality topics (Quality Assurance) within an IT- or automated environment.

Kereon's Customers are international pharmaceutical companies as well as service providers and suppliers of these or manufacturers of devices (incl. embedded systems) for use in a regulated environment (medical devices, healthcare industry, food, cosmetic, etc.). Kereon's Customers could be organisations which use or manage large and/or complex IT-infrastructure.

For this last situation, economic efficiency and business continuity represent for the customer very critical and vital topics.


Both technical as well as regulatory developments require large know-how and a standing updating of knowledge and competences. That is the reason why Kereon AG is particularly active on international level by promoting and developing guidelines for the industry. These activities occure within ISPE and particularly within the GAMP® Forum (Good Automated Manufacturing Practices).

Yves Samson, Director of Kereon AG, is member of the following expert network:

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