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Kereon Competence Network

Kereon AG is not an alone acting company.
In order to support customer companies with sufficient resources by supporting large or fast projects, the Kereon Competence Network has resources and knowledge available in the following areas:

  • Computerized System Validation
  • IT related quality management
  • Process automation
    • Project management
    • Application software for DCS and PLC
    • Measure, control, regulation
    • Commissioning and qualification
    • Decommissioning and retirement
  • Labor automation
    • Definition of validation strategies for computerized laboratory systems
    • Bespoke application development
    • Performing qualification / validation
  • Information Technology
    • Project management
    • Software engineering
    • Application qualification
    • Infrastructure qualification
    • Operation Management
    • System retirement
  • IT as well as qualification / validation / regulatory compliance related trainings

The Kereon Competence Network is able to make available project teams with well experienced and qualified collaborators speaking and writing English, French, German, and Japanese.


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